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Gilt-head sea bream fillets
Gilt-head sea bream fillets
Grilled gilt-head sea bream fillets

Gilt-head sea bream fillets

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Two large fresh gilt-head sea bream fillets per pack. The fillets have been scaled and pin boned so are ready to be cooked. The bream fillets are great when grilled or pan fried. For that perfect crispy skin, remember to pat the skin dry with some kitchen towel before cooking. This fish was once quite rare but 30 years ago someone cracked how to farm it on an industrial scale and it is now universally available. But you should not look down on it: this fish was chosen for commercial farming precisely because it was valuable, and it was valuable because those who could afford it considered it delicious. It still is and now we can all afford it.

  • Two scaled and boned bream fillets per pack
  • Multi-buy discounts available when you buy multiple packs


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