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King crab cluster - cooked

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One of the most spectacular items in our range. Our leg clusters have three 16 inch long legs and a claw arm. They’re cooked and ready to eat after defrosting (but you could re-heat). The shell is pliable and can easily be cut with scissors. We also sell this item raw. A leg each from the cluster would be a healthy serving. Dont forget to split open the shoulder when you are finsihed with the prime leg meat. You have to work a little harder for the shoulder meat but it is worth it as it's packed full of white crab meat. 

  • These clusters are from very large king crab
  • The king crab is cooked and ready to eat
  • Take caution if re-heating not to over-cook the king crab meat
  • Cut the crab meat from the legs using kitchen scissors
  • Serving suggestion: 1 full leg per person would be a generous serving

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