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King crab leg sections - cooked

King crab leg sections - cooked

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Delicious! Exciting! Fun! And very good value. These are the bottom halves of king crab legs. The top halves are for millionaires and very special occasions, because they are wider so contain much more meat per inch. But they’ll set you back £130 per kg (about 3 an inch - here). What we’re offering on this page is the 8-10 inch part from the knee to the tip. As this tapers off, so the meat content per inch gets smaller and the diner must work a tad harder. However, you get the same king crab and the same meat! And twice the weight for the same money. And they look intriguing and exciting when you serve them. We recommend you have kitchen scissors are on hand (the shell is like tough polythene) and a lobster pick will be useful too.

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