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Ortiz anchovy fillets

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  • Superior quality anchovy fillets preserved in olive oil
  • Lower in salt so need to be kept in the fridge
  • Attractive multi-buy discounts

Ortiz make the best anchovy fillets - large fillets from the very best catches, trimmed by hand, so they don’t have that ’hairy’ finish of ordinary anchovy fillets. And these are a lot less salty than you’re used to, which is another reason why they taste so different (in a good way). But because there's less salt in them, THEY NEED TO BE KEPT IN THE FRIDGE. Ortiz takes a lot of pride in their products and uses quality olive oil for these anchovies.

Please note - we keep this item refrigerated (see above), but a few days out of the fridge won't harm them. So we allow you to choose delivery by mail at the checkout (assuming nothing else in your order needs to be kept cold and your whole order weighs under 2kgs). If, however, you want your anchovies to stay chilled during transit, please choose the courier option.




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