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King prawn tails cooked

Peeled king prawns - cooked

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These are black tiger prawns from South-East Asia. They’re ten times the size of cold water prawns (such as our Best North Atlantic prawns) and they have an excellent firm texture. Add a little mayo or something fancier, and you have an A-grade eating experience. About 20 prawns per pack. You will find similar looking but less expensive prawns on other sites, but when comparing prices consider the size of the prawns and the glaze (that’s the water ’overcoat’ added to each prawn). Our weights exclude the glaze and we always offer the largest available size. These are the best for 'hassle-free' king prawns. If you want to know that you've got some ready to go king prawns in the freezer these are your match, just defrost and eat. For that reason, these are very popular for picnics and outdoor eating as you can just defrost and eat. 

  • These king prawns are cooked and have been shelled
  • About 20 frozen cooked king prawn tails per pack
  • Defrost and eat
  • Jumbo-sized king prawn tails
  • Customer comments: "Excellent flavour" "First class flavour"
  • Great savings when you buy 3+ packs at once



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