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Wild British Red Mullet Fillets


Red mullet is one of the finest fish but specimens...

Red mullet is one of the finest fish but specimens large enough to fillet are pretty rare, so - sorry - we are often out of stock. Naturally, this is always cold water red mullet. We don’t use that similar-looking but not-quite-right tropical red mullet. You may want two fillets per person as they are quite small. A good main course serving would be 150g per person. We normally source our red mullet from the day boats of Cornwall and Devon. Whilst red mullet is technically a 'white-fish' it's got a stronger flavour than other white fish and higher oil content. We buy extremely fresh red mullet, scale them, fillet them and pin bone by hand, ensuring every fillet is prepared to a high standard. 

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  • "The red mullet fillets were as good as they could be, which is what I have come to expect from the Fish Society. The courteous service and the fish you provide are exemplary. Thank you all very much."
  • "Perfectly prepared packaged and delivered, cooked as part of a Sicilian fish stew .. these were absolutely perfect - and delicious!  Would definitely buy again."
  • "Beautiful taste cooked carefully in the Italian style. I liked the size of them. One of my favourite fish."
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