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Whole trimmed skate wing in a pan with capers

Skate wings

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NE Atlantic

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Skate has no small bones and its ridged, firm white meat falls neatly apart with the minimum of fuss and wastage. All our skate is skinned and neatly trimmed. Some species have tiny black filaments in the surface of their flesh, which look like worms, but are in fact part of its nervous system. Called ampullae of Lorenzini, you can read about them here, and (although you will hardly notice them then), you can scrape them off your fish quickly and simply after cooking and before serving. Skate stock are pressured in certain fisheries, we always try and buy ours from a well-managed fishery in North Devon. We donate 2% of our skate sales to The Shark Trust (which looks our for skate too, since skate is a close cousin of the shark).


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