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Long sliced side of smoked salmon on wooden serving board
Whole sliced side of smoked salmon
Smoked salmon gravad lax canape

Smoked salmon side

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Our smoked salmon sides are smoked using Scottish fish. The sides are long sliced. This means they are horizontally sliced from the bottom of the fillet to the top and you will get luxurious 30cm - 50cm slices of smoked salmon. A 1 kg side of smoked salmon will generously feed 10 people. You will be delivered the side of salmon vaccum packed on a gold board. When serving the side cut it from the plastic but leave it on the board, it will make it easier to serve the salmon. Like our fishRjumpin smoked salmon? We get these sides smoked at the same smoke-house and you'll be sure to love these too. 

  • Cold smoked, long sliced smoked salmon side
  • Scottish salmon
  • Smoked by and award winning smoke-house
  • 1kg smoked salmon side

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