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Uni - sea urchin roe - sashimi grade

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1 tray - 10 sacs / 100g / 10+ available
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This is unalloyed sea urchin coral, aka uni. We have seen many versions of uni but this one, from Canada, beats all the others hands down. Our uni comes from the Canadian red sea urchin, the latin name is Strongylocentrotus franciscanus. As served in the finest sushi bars. Here’s an interesting page with many serving ideas. Please note you are buying just the meaty piece of uni, not the whole thing. If you would like the spikey shell try here. The trays are 5 pockets with 10 sacs in total. Drape the sacs over rice or eat alone and enjoy the taste of the sea.

  • Delivered in a white plastic tray with 2 sacks per pocket
  • 10 sea urchin roe sacs per tray
  • Sea urchin species: Red sea urchin - Strongylocentrotus franciscanus
  • Caught by divers hand picking them from the sea floor
  • Caught in Canada

Featured customer reviews

  • "It was nice taste which is similar level as Japan."
  • "Amazing and so delicious and fresh - highly recommended"
  •  "Absolutely delicious smooth and tasty" 

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