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A pile of whitebait in fried presentation


From £5.10
Baltic Sea
Black Sea

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These whitebait, which are from the Baltic Sea, are between 5 and 10 cms (2-4 inches) long - a big one won’t go in sideways. You get about 80 fish in a pack. Dredge in flour and deep fry for about two and a half minutes. Did you ever try adding a little curry powder to your flour? Or sprinkle with cayenne pepper. The whitebait are individually frozen meaning you don't have to eat the whole bag at once.  Before you ask, yes, you do eat them cleaning required. If you're a whitebait lover, we offer some great multi buy discounts bringing the price down. 

  • Serving suggestion: fried whitebait served with aioli
  • These are individually frozen making portioning easy
  • Multi-buy discount available on whitebait
  • These are uncoated whitebait


Chilli And Spice Whitebait
Source:Gordon Ramsey






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