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A bowl of cooked whole Atlantic prawns

Whole Atlantic prawns

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This is the same prawn as our Best North Atlantic Peeled Prawn, but it’s still in its shell. Often served in pubs as ’a pint of prawns’. Easy to peel, an exercise which adds character to your meal. These little prawns are already cooked and are ready to be peeled. Serve them up on the sides of salads or as part of your plat des fruits de mer. Recent customers have said that these prawns are "Nice and big", "Very tasty" and "would not buy any other prawns as these are the best". See the customer reviews below. 

  • Best when served chilled
  • Also known as cold water prawns
  • Origin: North Atlantic Prawns
  • MSC certified frozen prawns

Featured customer reviews for our whole Atlantic prawns

  • "Really great peeling them is all part of the fun to eating them."
  • "I buy these often,more taste than supermarket variety.!"
  • "The prawns arrived as promised, and were a really good size. They tasted very fresh and we will order more very soon."


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