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Wild king prawn tails

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c14 prawns / 350g / 10+ available
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This is a good-sized wild king prawn. It's been neatly processed into an easy-peel deveined prawn tail in its shell. If you like to get your fingers sticky, it's right up your street and if you don't, you can whip the shells off in a trice before cooking. These prawn tails are from Argentinian king prawns which are naturally red: they're raw and need cooking. If you are grilling these tails it's best to leave the shell on to protect the meat from the intense heat. Did we mention the taste? Darling, it's wild. It's divine. About 12-14 prawns per pack.

  • About 12-14 prawn tails per pack
  • Shell on tails
  • These tails are raw and need to be cooked (naturally red when raw)
  • Individually frozen making portioning easy
  • AKA wild Argentine red shrimps 


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