Hate pinbones?

The Fish Society | 02.03.2022

We know how much misery little bones in fish can cause. We can never guarantee they have all been removed. But if you follow the advice below, you'll minimise your chances of encountering them (obviously, we're talking about fin fish here - shellfish are always boneless).

1 Stick to the fillet steaks section

Anything called a FILLET STEAK or FILLET PORTION or LOIN STEAK has been prepared with the intention that it should be boneless... EXCEPT for a very few fish with unusual anatomies such as pike and ling: in these cases, the product page should advise that you will find bones. For instance you will find such a warning on our pike fillet steaks page.
 2 On the fillets pages, check whether we advise they are boneless
Anything called a FILLET is likely to include bones unless we specifically say that we have removed them.
We would tend to remove them on expensive fish such as red mullet or sea bass. We would not remove them from less expensive fish such as herring or cod. 
It's worth your knowing that fillets of flat fish such as plaice and lemon sole do not have pin bones embedded in their flesh like "round fish". At worst they will have a very few bones close together in the centre of the head end of the fillet. It's normally quite easy to find these if present and remove them by cutting out a tiny triangle around them. 
3 But always be prepared
Please recognise that even when we have prepared our fish with the intention that it should be boneless, there's always a chance that one has been overlooked.


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