How to Make Sushi Rolls

The Fish Society | 03.08.2021

With the recent launch of our sushi kit, we thought it was only fitting that we share some of our best kept secrets to help you along the way. Shhh don't tell anyone! But we have some of the best tips on how to make sushi from an expert in their craft. 

Akemi Yokoyama is the mastermind behind Sozai Cooking School based in London. They are dedicated to feeding the curiosity and understanding of Japanese food. We have had the pleasure of working with Akemi and her team on many occasions, and we must say we admire her art.



For best results, you will want to prepare the fish the day before and allow it to defrost in the fridge overnight. 

  1. Remove all packaging
  2. Line a plate/tray/container with a clean kitchen towel
  3. Wrap the fish in kitchen towel, place on tray and cover with cling film
  4. Allow it to defrost in the fridge overnight

When you are ready to get rolling, these are the things you will want to hand

  • Small bowl of water to wet your hands. When you handle the sushi rice, it will be sticky. Keeping your hands wet will make it easier to handle
  • A towel to keep your hands and knife clean. Between slices, give the knife a wipe. It makes for cleaner cuts
  • Very sharp knife, with no serration. This is one of the most important tools. A dull knife will cause damage to the soft issue of the fish 
  • Extra plate close by. It is handy to somewhere to lay the fish on to while you're slicing, it will keep your cutting board clear 
  • Cling film to wrap the sushi mat. It will help stop the rice from sticking to the bamboo, and makes it easier to remove the roll




You can slice the block of tuna into three pieces like this. The top two can be used for the center of a roll.



The bottom rectangular block is now more manageable for slicing into thinner strips.

Hold the knife at 30 degrees angle and cut off the corner of the block to start your angle.

To cut the next slice, hold the block with the flat part of your finger tips, hold the knife at 30 degrees and slide very gently to cut a thin slice around 5 mm. This is where that sharp knife really comes into play. Use care and take your time. 


Salmon 鮭

The salmon comes in thin strips which can be sliced in the same way as the thin block of tuna. You will want to remove the small corner to create your angle for the first slice.

Holding the knife steady, slice into the fish at 30 degrees creating 5mm strips.

Prawns 海老

The prawns are already cooked. Once defrosted you can remove the tails and can be incorporated into your sushi creation.


These thin slices you've created with the tuna and salmon, along with the prawns, work perfectly for creating this rainbow sushi roll.

Let your imagination run wild! You can use any type of fish you'd like. This guide gives you the basics on where to start.


  1. Cut the nori seaweed sheet in half and place it on the sushi mat. Make a thin layer of sushi rice on the rough side of the seaweed. If you have sesame seeds, you can sprinkle them over the rice
  2. Pick up the seaweed and the rice together and flip it, now the rice should be facing down onto the matt. Bring the sheet of seaweed and rice close to the end of the sushi mat toward you. Place your filling horizontally and even just below the centre of the sheet, leaving a little bit more space at the top of the sheet
  3. Pick up the mat with both hands and gently roll the mat into itself to encapsulate the rice and the filling 

  4. Place the tuna, salmon and prawn slices diagonally over the rice, slightly overwrapping with one another, on top of the sushi roll
  5. Carefully transfer the roll to a chopping board
  6. Place the mat on top of the sushi roll. Gently grip the roll under the matt to firm and shape up. This will help stick the toppings to the rice and hold the roll together

  7. Cut the roll in half with a sharp knife. Then cut each piece into 3 to make 6 equal pieces
  8. You can garnish with toppings of your choice. We suggest some wasabi, keta or fresh herbs




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