The Fish Society | 19.08.2020

Dear Fishlover




There’s no getting away from it – we use our fair share of plastics. But with a product that starts wet and then gets frozen, it is very difficult to get rid of plastic bags. And then there’s the polystyrene…


I can assure you that we’re working on both aspects. We thought we had cracked bags last October when a salesman turned up with a compostable plastic bag from Israel. We tested a few samples then ordered 5,000. It all looked very promising until we began to get complaints from customers about opening their boxes on delivery to find great gashes in their plastic bags. It turned out that the bag could not cope with being jostled around with dry ice at minus eighty degrees. If you have a use for 4,000 compostable bags, just give us a call.


Next up – an offering from China. Cross your fingers.


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