Dover Sole

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Raw skinless Dover sole
Dover sole - skinless
Ssshh keep it quiet. We like to hold a very small quantity of skinned Dover soles. We have three versions - ’fully-trimmed’ means the fish is headless as well as skinless, ’skinless’ means they still have their heads, 'half skinned'...
From £12.80
Raw dover sole fillets
Dover sole fillets
Skinned and beautifully trimmed Dover sole fillets - your minimum requirement when spending this kind of money. But then, you are getting the primest cut of the primest fish, if you’ll excuse our enthusiasm. Although you need a mortgage...
From £14.50
Two whole dover soles on a chopping board
Dover sole - whole
This superb fish needs no introduction. It tastes so good, that you should cook it simply: grill or bake with just a minimum of herbs. Beware that the midriff is a lot thicker than the tail, so position carefully in your grill so as not...
From £15.60