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Marinated herring fillets and onions
Marinated herring fillets
Our chairman, Alistair - he loves this stuff - was offered a choice of 25 flavours of marinated herring at a smart hotel in Amsterdam. He came back determined to offer you all 25. Hmm, Alistair... it’s not quite as popular here said the...
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Maatjes herring fillets
Maatjes herring fillets
A rich Dutch secret. Herring fillets from very young fish, lightly cured. Each pack contains two fish and each fish comprises two fillets, joined at the tail in the traditional way.
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Lighter coloured herring roe
Herring roe
Unlike other fish, in the case of the herring, it’s the male’s melts - rather than the female’s roes - that are most popular. Nevertheless, herring roes have a few ardent fans. Occasionally, we offer small packs of fresh roe taken from...
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Rollmops with wooden skewers
Improbably combining astringency - from the vinegar - and richness - the velvety texture, you can see how rollmops became a minor food legend. Ours are made from top quality Norwegian herring wrapped round plain onion. Rollmop lovers...
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Herring melts on toast with parsley
Herring melts
Melts or milts are the roes of male herring, often known as ’soft roe’. Rich and creamy, they literally melt in your mouth and are very good for you as they are full of vitamin D. Occasionally, we offer herring roe (from female herring)...
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Herring fillets
Herring fillets
Herring large enough to fillet are a bit of a rarity - they all seem to be snapped up by the kipper men. But we get our hands on some from time to time. Of course, herring is unbelievably good for you: eat often - live longer! But you...
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Two whole raw herrings
Herring - whole
Herring has a great flavour and is exceptionally good for you, being full of useful oils. True, it’s not short of small bones, but with a little experience and care, you’ll be lifting the flesh off the bones without a second thought....
From £5.90
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