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Manx Kippers
Manx kippers
2 pairs of traditionally smoked herring prepared in the Isle of Man The best simple advice, grill and serve with fresh bread Serve one pair per person These excellent and very consistent little kippers from the Isle of Man have fans all...
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Maatjes herring fillets
Maatjes herring fillets
These disappeared after Brexit but after a lot of research and a heavy burden of promises, we persuaded a new supplier to get to grips with the extensive paperwork required to get this item into the UK. Maatjes herring is a rich Dutch...
From £12.00
Whole herring
Herring - whole
2 frozen whole herring that have been descaled and gutted Herring is full of flavour - try this recipe with mustard and basil A 500g pack will give you 2 x 250g fish - ideal for two mains Herring has a great flavour and is exceptionally...
From £5.00
Kipper fillets
Kipper fillets
2 Craster kipper fillets per pack, no artificial colour, additives or dye Warm and serve with fresh bread and poached egg One pack will serve 2 people up a lovely breakfast These are the filleted version of the famous Craster kipper,...
From £5.60
2 traditional kippers, no artificial colour, additives or dye Warm and serve with fresh bread, the perfect breakfast We recommend 1 pack to serve 2 people These kippers are from Robson's of Craster, they've been our main kipper supplier...
From £7.70
Marinated Herring Fillets
Marinated herring fillets
Tub of frozen marinated herring fillets, choose between dill or sweet Drain and serve with fresh rye bread and dollop of soured cream The drained weight is about 220g, 8-10 fillets Our chairman, Alistair - he loves this stuff - was...
Bloaters - Smoked Herring
Bloaters - Smoked Herring
1 fish per vac pack bag Whole smoked herring "Bloaters are so different from kippers and so much nicer. More taste and oil." How many ways can you offer a herring? This old formula - immortalised by Dickens* - involves smoking an...
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Rollmops - Pickled Herring Fillets
Can be easily prepared at home Made from the finest Norwegian herring wrapped around plain onion Best served with a pickled gherkin on the side Improbably combining astringency - from the vinegar - and richness - the velvety texture, you...
Buckling - hot smoked herring
These are hot-smoked herring, on the bone. They taste really good - rich. You can eat cold - horseradish sauce is an excellent accompaniment - or heat through briefly if you prefer. "The buckling was delivered very quickly (next day, I...
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herring fillets
Herring fillets
Each pack contains 4 ready to use fillets Great for making your own pickled herring A 400g pack would contain 4 x 100g fillets Herring large enough to fillet are a bit of a rarity - they all seem to be snapped up by the kipper men. But...
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Herring Roe
Herring roe
Unlike other fish, in the case of the herring, it’s the male’s melts - rather than the female’s roes - that are most popular. Nevertheless, herring roes have a few ardent fans. Occasionally, we offer small packs of fresh roe taken from...
From £7.00