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Two cooked handmade crab cakes
Handmade Crab Cakes
We've been around the houses with crab fish cakes, including making our own for a while from white crabmeat - they were astronomically expensive. Perhaps we shouldn't have been so posh. These new boys are from brown crab meat but they...
From £7.90
Handmade fishcakes - classic recipe
Handmade fishcakes - classic recipe
Smoked haddock and bacon... handmade wild salmon... they’re all terrific fish cakes... But some of you yearn for more simple pleasures. Indeed, this one is so traditional, it doesn’t even get worked up about exactly which fish it’s made...
From £8.40
Two handmade gluten free fish cakes
Handmade Gluten Free Fishcakes
We have added a new fishcake supplier whose conventional range we liked very much. And they offered this bonus - a gluten-free cake. Liam - our in-house gluten-free devotee - gave them his seal of approval and he left a few morsels for...
From £7.50
Two handmade haddock & leek fishcakes pan frying
Handmade haddock & leek fishcakes
Another Kevin and Paul fish cake... containing 47% haddock, potato, leeks, Cheddar cheese, a touch of Dijon mustard, plus chives, salt, pepper and breadcrumbs. A delicious combination.
From £9.40
Two indian spiced fishcakes
Handmade Indian Spiced Fishcakes
These are traditional fishcakes with 30% fish, mashed potatoes, plus a good dollop of peas, souped up with Indian spices and lime to give an authentic Indian flavour. Get your mango chutney out or go for the full monty with lime pickle.
From £7.50
Two mackerel and beetroot fishcakes
Handmade Mackerel & Beetroot Fishcakes
Dark inside! Possibly the most exciting fishcake ever taste-tested at Fish Palace. We're talking smoked mackerel here, and it's been combined with all natural ingredients including horseradish into a real gourmet production.
From £7.50
Two cooked handmade salmon fishcakes
Handmade salmon fishcakes
From the same guys who make our classic fishcakes and the smoked haddock and bacon ones. Natural breadcrumbs, plenty of fish, not too much potato, some lemon, some dill, no e-numbers, no funny stuff period. Did we say delicious?
From £9.40
Two smoked haddock and bacon fish cakes freshly cooked
Smoked haddock & bacon fishcakes
A delicious fish cake made by our Grimsby supplier (Kevin and Paul) using smoked haddock, potato, chives, smoked bacon, mustard and mascarpone cheese, coated with natural breadcrumbs.
From £9.40
Two smoked haddock fishcakes with a poached egg on top
Smoked haddock & spring onion fishcakes
This is a high-quality factory-made fishcake. It’s smaller than our hand-made fish-cakes but it’s always been very popular.
From £7.50
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