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Boned kipper fillets on toast with a poached egg

Kipper fillets

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More bonnie fish from Craster. Oak smoked and undyed with most of those pesky bones removed. A boned kipper still contains many small bones. Kipper-lovers usually just eat these bones - they are an essential part of the experience of eating this wonderful fish. The fillets are from large North Sea herring and have been oak smoked using traditional smoking techniques. Our kipper fillet smoker also smokes our whole Craster Kippers. Each pack contains two sets of butterflied fillets, which is the fillets from two fish. The smokehouse has been smoking fish since 1856 under the same name and brand.  These fillets are great eaten for brunch with a poached egg or two or even as one customer says “Always excellent quality, in this case for the making of kipper pate”. 



F1 Kipper Dip

An excellent appetiser

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These smoked herring have not been dyed. Contain salt and oak smoke.

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