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Two red mullet fillets
Red mullet fillet on vegetables
Red mullet fillets and lemons

Red mullet fillets

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Red mullet is one of the finest fish but specimens large enough to fillet are pretty rare, so - sorry - we are often out of stock. Naturally, this is always cold water red mullet. We don’t use that similar-looking but not-quite-right tropical red mullet. If you're going to cook this very special fish, we'd urge you also buy a pack of red mullet livers. Blend them into your sauce to make it sensational.

  • These red mullet are landed on the South Coast of the UK
  • These fillets are expertly crafted by our top filleter
  • Suggested recipe: Pan fried red mullet on crushed potatoes
  • Portion suggestion: 150g of red mullet fillets per person - in many cases this will be 2 fillets
  • These fillets are boneless


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Red mullet with sweet chilli sauce
Gordon Ramsey



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