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Two cooked snow crab clusters
Cooked snow crab clusters
Snow crab cluster

Snow crab clusters

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One of these clusters comprises three legs and a claw plus the meaty shoulder and will provide two starters or a generous serving for one. They make an impressive sight, are fun to eat and include the star prize of sweet white meat. The shell of a snow crab is pliable like a tough polythene bag, so the perfect tool is a pair of scissors. These are cooked and ready to eat after defrosting, but may be briefly reheated. If you would like an easier route to the crab meat try our snow crab meat

  • These snow crab clusters are cooked 
  • The snow crab cluster contains 3 legs and a claw arm
  • Cut the legs open using kitchen scissors
  • This is Arctic snow crab


Low Boil Snow Crab Legs with Quick Clarified Garlic Butter
The Millennial Kitchen



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