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Cooked snow crab meat on a wooden board
A block of snow crab meat
Snow crab meat with keta

Snow crab meat

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Snow crab meat has a characteristic sweetness. The snow crab meat we are offering on this page is cooked and variety of both prime leg meat and shard of shoulder meat. The leg meat is placed on top of the frozen shoulder meat and frozen together. When using this crab meat you will have to defrost it all at the same time as it's block frozen. But don't worry, it won't be too much of a chore to eat it all up. Snow crab meat has a lovely pink colour which makes it great for canapes and other visual meals. Flick through to picture three, a bowl of rice top with snow crab meat, dried seaweed, fluffy snow crab meat and keta. Four simple ingredients but what an attractive plate.  

  • This snow crab is from Russia
  • This crab is cooked and frozen at source
  • This pack contains both leg and shoulder meat

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