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Whole cooked English crab
Whole cooked English crab
Whole English crab cooked

Whole English crab - cooked

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  • These crabs are cooked
  • A 500g crab is a perfectly generous portion for one person
  • 1 whole crab per pack

Time on your hands? Claw cracker to the ready? (Or make do with a lightly wielded hammer.) Pick your own crab! These crabs are cooked and ready to be cracked and eaten. A good single portion size crab is 450g -550g. We offer large crabs up to 2kg these will feed 4 well and are a great showpiece! Don't let the name 'brown crab' sully your impression of it's eating quality. The white craw meat that comes from these crabs rivals that of the king crab. If you're planning to make a dressed crab from these crabs, please save yourself some time and effort just buy an already dressed crab.


How To Prep Crab | Jamie's Comfort Food | Pete Begg
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