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Ortiz anchovy fillets on wooden chopping board with capers and garlic
Ortiz anchovy fillets
Ortiz make the best anchovy fillets - large fillets from the very best catches, trimmed by hand, so they don’t have that ’hairy’ finish of ordinary anchovy fillets. And a lot less salty than you’re used to. In olive oil.
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Fresh anchovies on white paper
Anchovies - 'fresh'
What, not tinned? No. And not salted either. Not even filleted. Er, did we mention not cleaned? Don’t worry you can cook and eat them whole if you like. A fantastic flavour experience, straight out of the sea, and not remotely like...
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Boquerones resting on ice
Boquerones are a deluxe marinated anchovy fillets from Spain. They taste great! Not remotely like the dark salty anchovies from tins. Eat boquerones as they come, tapas style, or fry a couple as a garnish. Our boquerones are simply the...
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