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cod cheeks on a brown board with lime
Monkfish cheeks
The head of a large monkfish is a pretty scary thing, but it yields two magnificent pieces of meat. Give them a try!
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Monkfish misshapes cooking in a pan with butter and chilli
Monkfish misshapes
Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks. They’re boneless and skinless. You could cook them up by themselves - just flash fry in butter - or mix a few packs up to make a fish stew or fish pie. If our...
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One monkfish fillet with onions garlic and chilli in the background
Monkfish fillets
Monkfish can be described as a meaty fish. It doesn't flake when cooked such as a cod fillet would, it holds together in one muscular piece. This characteristic means it is flexible to your serving style, serve them as whole fillet...
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Monkfish liver on crackers
Monkfish liver in a tin
This truly gourmet item is not a good-looker - you get pretty nondescript pieces swathed in a luminous orange oil. However, they taste delicious! Pile on thin toast and top with a twist of lemon. Rich in vitamins A and D (but that’s not...
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