Red Snapper

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Two red snapper portions on ice
Red snapper fillets
There are 125 species of snapper, including about 25 red ones. However, as fish guru Alan Davidson said, ’snappers, almost without exception, make very good eating’. We’d agree, particularly if they are grilled or baked. Our fillets are...
From £10.40
A XXL red snapper fillet with scored skin
XXL Red snapper fillets
You will have seen very few fillets from any fish the size of these XXL red snapper fillets - they’re up to an inch thick and make especially fine eating, not to mention a real spectacle when served as a centrepiece. Red snapper fillets...
From £18.10
Snapper nigiri
Tai - sashimi snapper
.A very popular type of sashimi in Japan, the name Tai is given to a range of high quality snappers and breams. We hope you enjoy our top class cuts
From £6.00