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Three whole mackerel
Mackerel - whole
Mackerel is an oily fish rich in Omega 3. Its eating qualities are legendary. It ought to cost three times as much but fortunately, mackerel is prolific. You’ll find the fillets on our site but you should give the whole (gutted, ready to...
From £8.00
Four mackerel fillets with their skin on
Mackerel fillets
Not only is a fillet of mackerel very tasty, it’s extremely good for you, because it’s crammed full of essential Omega-3. All of our packs contain four mackerel fillets as most people will want two fillets per serving.Mackerel fillets...
From £7.10
Mackerel fillets with olives
Mackerel fillets with olive oil
The boldly coloured tin contains two perfect small mackerel fillets in good olive oil with chopped olives - a level a sophistication that belies its humble reputation. A lovely tinned fish to add to our collection of great light bites.
From £3.30
Saba mackerel sashimi sliced for serving
Saba - sashimi mackerel
Outer translucent skin removed, leaving the colourful inner skin in place. Deboned and beautifully trimmed. Serve with a good dressing of rice vinegar (sushi-zu). Normally contains 3 to 6 matching pieces. Lightly cured fillets. Our...
From £3.00
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