Fish in focus: Cockles

The Fish Society | 25.06.2018

Cerastoderma edule

As a company we pride ourselves on our diverse range and availability. Alongside our many finned fish, we sell a large assortment of crustaceans and shellfish. We sell 8 kinds of mussels, 10 kinds of lobsters, an army of crabs and more. Today, we take a look at the humble cockle.


Like a bowl of sweets!

Cockles are bivalve molluscs. This means their shells are comprised of two hinged parts that protect a soft body. Cockles only live in salt water, and bury themselves beneath the sand at the sea bed. They filter water through their shells in order to feed on plankton and other microscopic organisms. You can tell a cockle apart from other clams by its pale colour and ridges on its shell. Most cockles available to buy will be 2-4cm in diameter, with prized specimens reaching 8cm across.


Perfect snack for a day by the sea

We sell cockles shell-on, shelled, or brined. In our opinion, the best cockles come from Essex. Many people may remember buying a pot, or pint, of cockles in vinegar on a trip to the coast, and we like to provide the means for you to enjoy that again. If choosing to buy our raw, shell-on cockles, ensure you wash them thoroughly to remove any sand that has been brought up with them at catch.

Cockles are great by themselves, or as part of a shellfish selection. They require short cooking time, and benefit from traditional flavours such as lemon and white wine.

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