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Cod Roes
Cod Roes
Most widely eaten in the UK in the form of supermarket taramasalata (typically less than 10% cod roe), but the real thing is much more exciting. Poach, then fry for a delicious, rich main course. Or use with spaghetti . Please note that...
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Greek Trikalinos bottarga - grey mullet roe
Greek Bottarga - Cured Grey Mullet Roe
Bottarga - choose Greek or Sardinian Sardinian is hard for grating. Greek is soft for slicing. Greek bottarga is kosher and altogether showier Bottarga is compressed grey mullet roe. This rich delicacy - made all around the Mediterranean...
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Keta Salmon roe
Keta - Salmon Roe
100g jar of pasteurised salmon roe from wild Pacific salmon Keta (Ikura) is a key ingredient to many sushi recipes A little goes along way, keta is often used as a garnish Keta is a beautiful, bright orange salted salmon roe - also known...
Sardinian bottarga
Sardinian Bottarga - Cured Grey Mullet Roe
Frozen and vacuum packed into small sacks Try it grated over pasta! This little treat packs a punch so a little definitely goes a long way Bottarga is compressed roe of the thin lipped grey mullet (thick-lipped just can't cut it). It's a...
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Sea bass roe
Sea bass roe
Sea bass roes removed from beautiful large wild fish. Simply poach and fry for a real treat.
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Turbot roe
Turbot roe
Each pack contains one vacuum packed and frozen whole turbot roe Fry the roe whole and serve with some potatoes and a delicious rich sauce A 300g pack would serve two good sized main portions Large. plump roes removed from extra large...
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