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brill roe
Brill roe
Frozen high quality Brill roe. Brill, like Turbot, will produce very large, tasty roes. We carefully remove them when filleting so you can enjoy them at home. Sustainability - our rating 6/10 Fisheries don't target this species...
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cod roes
Cod Roes
Each pack contains a single pair of roes This is perfect for making home made taramasalata Cod roe is highly nutritious with 27g of protein per 100g Most widely eaten in the UK in the form of supermarket taramasalata (typically less than...
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Greek Trikalinos bottarga - grey mullet roe
Greek Bottarga - Cured Grey Mullet Roe
This comes in an elegant box with a beautful wax coating to keep the bottarga fresh Greek bottarga is a little softer for slicing We suggest around 50g per serving Bottarga is compressed grey mullet roe. This rich delicacy - made all...
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Keta - Salmon Roe
Keta - Salmon Roe
Choose between 50g or a 100g jar of pasteurised salmon roe from wild Pacific salmon Fantastic-looking great tasting edible garnish. Known as ikura amongst sushi lovers - a sushi essential A little goes along way This salmon caviar is a...
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Sardinian bottarga
Sardinian Bottarga - Cured Grey Mullet Roe
This little treat packs a punch so a little goes a long way Try it grated over pasta! Vacuum packed, (chilled) Bottarga is compressed roe of the thin lipped grey mullet (thick-lipped just can't cut it). It's a rich delicacy - made all...
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Sea bass roe
Sea bass roe
Sea bass roes removed from beautiful large wild fish. Simply poach and fry for a real treat.
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turbot roe
Turbot roe
Each pack contains one vacuum packed and frozen whole turbot roe Fry the roe whole and serve with some potatoes and a delicious rich sauce A 300g pack would serve two good sized main portions Large. plump roes removed from extra large...
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