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Salmon belly sashimi
Sake - organic salmon belly sashimi grade
Each pack contains between 1 -3 strips of skinless, boneless salmon belly sashimi This is the oil rich belly cut from the salmon For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person A hero from the sushi bar - cuts from the fat-rich...
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Maguro sashimi yellowfin tuna
Tuna Sashimi Grade -60C Super Frozen Maguro
1 block of top quality super frozen yellowfin tuna Intended to be served as sashimi or in sushi rolls A main course of sushi or sashimi requires total 150g of fish per person For beginners or for the experts of Japanese cuisine, this is...
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Sake salmon sashimi grade
Sake - organic salmon back sashimi grade
Each pack contains one strip of skinless, boneless organic salmon back sashimi grade Make sure you have a really sharp knife! For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person Strip(s) of prime skinned salmon from the back, not...
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Uni sea urchin roe
Uni - sea urchin roe - sashimi grade
Each pack contains 10 corals, two in each secction of the tray Due to the quality of this sea urchin roe, we recommend eating it as it is to get the full experience For sushi, a main course requires around 150g per person This is...
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Yellowtail kingfish belly
Hiramasa - sashimi yellowtail kingfish belly
Belly strips of Australian Yellowtail Kingfish Rich and silky flavour, perfect for sushi rolls For sushi, a main course requires about 150g of fish per person The sweet rich flavour of yellowtail is very popular in Japanese sushi bars,...
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Albacore tuna sashimi block
Albacore tuna sashimi grade
Albacore makes great sushi - in sushi bars, it's usually pricier than yellowfin. The fillets or loins cut from the fish are the perfect starter-shape for sashimi - needing minimal trimming. Tataki - lightly searing the surface - is often...
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Ebi - sushi prawns
Ebi - sushi prawns
About 20 sushi ebi prawns per pack These prawns are cooked and ready to eat The perfect prawn for making nigiri Superbly-prepared sushi prawns per tray - cooked, peeled (tail is left on) and then butterflied - to make the perfect filling...
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Gindara black cod sashimi
Gindara - sashimi black cod
Wild black cod from Canada or Alaska Sashimi-grade black cod that's safe for raw eating Sashimi strips cut from the thick upper loin The fabled black cod from Alaska (also known as sablefish and in Japan as gindara) has always been a...
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Wild King Salmon Sashimi
Wild king salmon belly sashimi
These are belly cuts from our Canadian king salmon. They are much leaner and firmer than farmed salmon belly, verging on austere - this salmon was super fit! We have limited quantities so oftentimes you'll find we're out of stock. But if...
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Arctic Surf Clams
Hokkigai - Arctic Surf Clams
Each pack contains 6-8 sushi grade Artic surf clams Hokkigai, intended for traditional Japanese sushi or sashimi For sushi, a main requires about 150g of fish/shellfish per person Hokkigai is the Japanese name for these vibrant surf...
Shime saba - cured sashimi mackerel
Shime saba - cured sashimi grade mackerel
Boneless and cured in vinegar, you can choose between 1 intact fillet or pre-sliced We recommend it as a nigiri topper For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person These are sashimi grade mackerel fillets which have been...
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Yellowtail kingfish saku block
Sashimi yellowtail kingfish saku block
We prepare the hiramasa yellowtail kingfish saku blocks by hand using large fillets. Our yellowtail kingfish come from the pristine cold waters of Southern Australia. We aim to prepare saku blocks that are 200g - 450g. As a rough guide...
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