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Sliced strip of maguro tuna
Maguro - sashimi tuna
For our sashimi grade tuna, we select the best parts of the best loins of Kihada maguro, or yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares). The other parts become tuna misshapes at half the price. These prime pieces are then trimmed into inch wide...
From £4.90
Hand cut tuna steaks from pole and line caught fish on grey board very red tuna
Hand cut tuna steaks
The dark and dense meat of the tuna will remind you of the finest beefsteak. And it tastes even better - take it from us! Prefers to be cooked very simply and served rare. Perfect for BBQs. All packs comprise two sirloin steaks, with no...
From £16.50
Ventresca de bonito tuna open tin
Ventresca de bonito
This has nothing to do with cheap tinned tuna nor, confusingly, with the tuna known as bonito! ( Tell me more. ) This ’Ventresca’ is the oil-rich belly fillet of the white tuna (also known as the albacore and in Spain as bonito del...
From £9.20
Two unsliced tuna loins on white background very red fresh tuna
Sashimi grade tuna loin
Loins cut from pole and line caught tuna. Slice steaks to your preferred thickness, or use to make your own sashimi. Why not try preserving tuna by bottling in kilner jars? The technique is described below. These loins are about three...
From £30.00
Two fresh tuna ventresca steaks from yellowfin tuna
Tuna ventresca steaks
Think wagyu. The belly or ventresca flesh of the tuna is richly marbled with fat, endowing it with a taste beyond divine. The Japanese call this cut of tuna ’toro’, which means ’melting’. They recognise three or four different grades of...
From £11.20
Belly tuna from yellowfin tuna in a tin
Tuna belly in olive oil
Addicts of our pricey ventresca de bonito might be interested to consider this much less expensive item, Ventresca de atum. It’s the same belly muscle, but from a less exalted fish, the yellowfin tuna. Excellent eating by any standards,...
From £6.40
Raw tuna misshapes
Tuna misshapes
Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks. They’re boneless and skinless. You could cook them up by themselves - just flash fry in butter - or mix a few packs up to make a fish stew or fish pie.
From £7.80
Open tin of ortiz tuna
Ortiz bonito tuna
Ortiz is an iconic Spanish producer of the highest quality fishy delicacies. You can see their website complete with fine sepia photos going back a long way here. They produce many specialised versions of tuna using line-caught fish from...
From £5.70
Mojama canape
Mojama (say ’mohama’) is tuna fillet which has been air dried - traditionally for at least a month - on the hot, dry and windy south west coast of Spain. The drying reduces the weight by half (and helps explain the price). The result is...
From £26.50
Thin slices of smoked tuna served with olives and olive oil
Smoked tuna
This comes sliced - just like smoked salmon - and you can eat it and treat it the same way too. It has an interesting, slightly more intense flavour which is always popular. Serve with smoked salmon and smoked halibut (white with gold...
From £16.30
Two red tuna steaks on white paper
Tuna steaks
We have noticed a big improvement in the quality of Asian-processed tuna, and it costs a lot less than when we cut it up ourselves. So put your seatbelt on and consider these amazing prices! These are skinless and 99%-boneless, and we’re...
From £7.20
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